Inventory Mess # Lex # 2126

# Lex # 2126


Inventory Mess # Lex # 2086

# Lex # 2086

  • Decor Junction / Shutter Field  DJ / SF Industrial Dresser Set –  by katelyn barom & heavenly villa The Crossroads
  • [Krescendo] [Kres] Get Stuffed – Lion  by krescendostore @ Gacha Garden
  • Trompe Loeil – Jenica Wicker Chair PG [mesh] by cory.edo
  • {what next} Lazy & Chill Framed Prints – Pink  by winter thorn
  • KITE – Daddy Time COMMON by zacharyarens (old gacha item)
  • Soy. Tissue – Opend [Pink] (old gift)  by soyoy
  • Sway’s  [Branch wrapped] candle by sway dench
  • PILOT – Lemonade Tray [mint] by kaz nayar

Inventory Mess # Lex # 2054

# Lex # 2054

  • [Krescendo][Kres] Movin’ On – 3 Keeping (RARE)  by krescendostore
  • [Krescendo][Kres] Movin’ On – 2 Promises (RARE)  by krescendostore
  • [Krescendo][Kres] Movin’ On – 16 Miss a lot  by krescendostore @ LIMIT8 
  • Sway’s [Spring] 3-piece canvas . owl by sway dench @ FLF
  • Sway’s [Spring] 3-piece canvas . birds by sway dench @ FLF
  • Soy. Cosmetic Decor Set  by soyoy
  • Soy. Vanity table & Stool Set by soyoy
  • Ingenue :: Bettine Heels (Maitreya) :: Noir by betty.doyle
  • MishMish – Ceramic Friends  by aime takaaki 
  • .:revival:. linen trunk set by momentous
  • ChiC buildings Book Lover’s – Tall Book Stack by chic aeon

Inventory Mess # Lex # 1950

# Lex # 1950

Sway’s [Jemma] Crate Bench with Flowers by sway dench @ The Liaison Collaborative

Little Branch LB_Hill{Low Li} by cari mckeenan @FaMESHed 

Little Branch  LB_SpringWinds{Pink}by cari mckeenan @FaMESHed 

Little Branch  LB_Snakeweed{4Seasons}by cari mckeenan @FaMESHed 

Little Branch  LB_Mushrooms.V1 by cari mckeenan @FaMESHed 

unKindness  uk – Steampunk Flower Vase Set by jamie rozenberg @ We

Serenity Style– Rust Old Car  RED materials by hanstrid.inshan @ The Avenue

Soy. Abandoned Memorys – Head by soyoy Arcade Gacha

 REMARKABLE ♦ OBLIVION RO – Circus Rot – Balloon Party by axsisthorn Arcade Gacha

 Consignment [Con.] Peewee bicycle – hunter by wavie haller Arcade Gacha

Inventory Mess # Lex # 1924

# Lex # 1924

Sway’s [Button] Table Lamp by sway dench @ FLF

Sway’s [Liz] Beanbag by sway dench @ FLF

%Percent – Diner Coffee Table (multi) *MESH* by plato novo @ Hipster Fair

%Percent – Diner Credenza *MESH* by plato novo @ Hipster Fair

%Percent – Diner Side Table (multi) *MESH* by plato novo @ Hipster Fair

Serenity Style– A touch of love by hanstrid.inshan @ The Liasion Collaborative

Serenity Style– The Painter Place by hanstrid.inshan@ SHINY SHABBY

Serenity Style– All for love by hanstrid.inshan

Serenity Style– Mail Sorter White Edition (only 25L) by hanstrid.inshan

Soy. Handmade Pompom Basket by soyoy @ Collabor88

tarte. star mobile (silver) by alixxbella @ Collabor88

tarte.  balloon light (black bokeh) by alixxbella @ Collabor88

floorplan. pinboard / space by tegan serin

Frogstar – Frosty Chalk Note Board by ravenna rossini


Inventory Mess # Lex # 1896

# Lex # 1896

Decor Junction / Shutter Field – Westcliff by katelyn barom & heavenly villa The Crossroads

Sway’s [Button] Floor Lamp  by sway dench

Sway’s [Ahara] Wicker Chair  by sway dench

(NO) Standing Cat – Blue China by polyester partridge

Serenity Style-Vintage Game Frames – Gacha  by hanstrid.inshan The Crossroads

+Half-Deer+ Stringlight Soiree Curtains [White] by halogen.magic

The Loft & ARIA – Aradia Chandelier – Chrome by yelo.uriza

{what next} Madeleine Decor: Full Set  by winter thorn

Soy.  One Garbera In Bottole Vase by soyoy

:: Tartessos Arts ::  TA Game System by nico griffith

15. *HEXtraordinary* Nope Cat – Companion Ginger by corwin lacourte

Trompe Loeil – Enfield Trunk Closed Le Cerf by cory.edo