Inventory Mess # Lex # 2317

# Lex # 2317

  • Krescendo[Kres] Rainkeeper Cabin – by krescendostore MAN CAVE EVENT
  • Krescendo[Kres] Sextificates – Daddy – RARE by krescendostore Fetish Fair
  • Krescendo[Kres] Sextificates – Nympho by krescendostore Fetish Fair
  • Krescendo[Kres] Electric Ever After – Big Bad Wolf –by krescendostore @ Gacha Garden
  • Krescendo[Kres] Electric Ever After – True Love –by krescendostore @ Gacha Garden
  • 22769 – Minimalistic Bedroom –by krescendostore @ ROMP
  • Consignment [Con.] Boneyard Desk – white by valiantco
  • Consignment [Con.] On Air Microphone – Silver by valiantco
  • [tmk] portable record player (green) by tanakachang
  • Seven Emporium 7 – Atomic Commision Sign by agustkov
  • [tmk] Silence Today 4’33” by tanakachang
  • JIAN Countryside Collies :: Wanderer Pup Tri  by jiansl
  • BUENO-Wine is Fine Deco by mikel monk

Inventory Mess # Lex # 2016

# Lex # 2016

  •  Consignment [Con.] Peewee bicycle – hunter by wavie haller 
  • +Half-Deer+ Cutie Clutter – Spilled Black Coffee by halogen.magic
  • +Half-Deer+ Cutie Clutter – Stacked Cups (Pastel) 2 by halogen.magic
  • floorplan. helium balloons by tegan serin
  • +Half-Deer+ Stringlight Clutter [Set of 3] by halogen.magic
  • ~Pillows~ [P] Pillows: Easter Egg Sugar Cookies by vivian.omizu
  • ~Pillows~ [P] Pillows: Easter Roses by vivian.omizu
  • ~Pillows~ [P] Pillows: Easter Basket by vivian.omizu
  • [Krescendo] [Kres] Wildfell Bottle logs Mossy by krescendostore 25L Tuesday
  • [Krescendo] [Kres] Stone Garden PG set – B by krescendostore Cosmopolitan
  • Sway’s [Bunny Egg] Mr. and Mrs. by sway dench

SwayLand Easter hunt 

April 7th – April 23rd 2017

Just hop over to SwayLand, touch the sign by the big Easter Egg present (near the landing point).

It will give you a HUD and an information Notecard.

Wear the HUD and start hunting for Easter Eggs.

Once you found them all and all the white eggs on your HUD are colorful, touch the big Easter Egg present and get your exclusive SwayLand Easter gift.

Inventory Mess # Lex # 1950

# Lex # 1950

Sway’s [Jemma] Crate Bench with Flowers by sway dench @ The Liaison Collaborative

Little Branch LB_Hill{Low Li} by cari mckeenan @FaMESHed 

Little Branch  LB_SpringWinds{Pink}by cari mckeenan @FaMESHed 

Little Branch  LB_Snakeweed{4Seasons}by cari mckeenan @FaMESHed 

Little Branch  LB_Mushrooms.V1 by cari mckeenan @FaMESHed 

unKindness  uk – Steampunk Flower Vase Set by jamie rozenberg @ We

Serenity Style– Rust Old Car  RED materials by hanstrid.inshan @ The Avenue

Soy. Abandoned Memorys – Head by soyoy Arcade Gacha

 REMARKABLE ♦ OBLIVION RO – Circus Rot – Balloon Party by axsisthorn Arcade Gacha

 Consignment [Con.] Peewee bicycle – hunter by wavie haller Arcade Gacha

Inventory Mess # Lex # 1913

# Lex # 1913

unKindness uk – DJ Dead Sets by jamie.rozenberg@ The Mens Dept

Decor Junction + Shutter Field – Trunk Seats by katelyn barom & heavenly villa @ On9

Consignment [Con.] NYC Scroll – Brooklyn by valiantco

Seven Emporium 7 – Lab Safety Sign by agustkov

Seven Emporium 7 – Route 66 Sign by agustkov

Wimey: Bibliophile Table by ohwelp

[Krescendo] [Kres]Written In The Stars – Cancer – (Ash) – Common by krescendostore

Kitchen Korner KK – Lagweiser Beer Cans 6-Pack by daviddm therian

Place: Missing Mile