# Lex # 3888

# Lex # 3888♥ Serenity Style– Meryland Entry Table by hanstrid.inshan Belle
♥ Serenity Style– Blooming Farm Kitchen Stuff gacha collection by hanstrid.inshan @ Bloom
♥ Sway’s [Lore] Moon Chair . floral by Sway Dench
♥ [Krescendo] [Kres] Spring Bun by KrescendoStore
♥ Petit Chat  Mainstore *PC* Spring Placemats & Candles Set by Trinity Yazimoto
♥ Space Oddities – Rustic Curtains by emmaness
♥ Soy. Vanity table & Stool Set by soyoy
♥ dust bunny. kitchen clutter . cutting boards by lxlnoel
♥ dust bunny. kitchen clutter . canisters . white by lxlnoel
♥ dust bunny. small spaces kitchen . island cabinet by lxlnoel

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