# Lexo # 02

[[Masoom]]'s Fameshed photo contest

[[Masoom]]’s Fameshed photo contest
It’s Fameshed time, again, and we are having a flickr photo competition
The rules of the contest are very simple:
1) Get your suits at Fameshed, and snap a pic 😀
2) Can submit up to 3 pictures per person. Each containing a different color.
Pictures will be awarded on points & artistic merit
Limited edition item = 10 points ( limited edition will not be sold in store after )
Regular items = 5 points
3) MUST be in our inworld group to be accepted in contest. ( free to join for the duration of contest ) secondlife:///app/group/a55e1255-0616-65be-df84-be28c9e2ee1a/about to join
4) Put “MASOOMFAM18” in the description line and tag.
5) Add it to the All About [[Masoom]] Flickr page www.flickr.com/groups/2071944@N24/
You have until June 25th to enter!
1st Prize : 5000 L Plus 2 fatpacks of your choice
2nd Prize : 3000 L Plus 1 Fatpack of your choice
3rd Prize : 2000 L
Masoom Blogger prize (ineligible for main prizes): 1000 L Plus guaranteed safe spot in blogger overhaul
Our judges for this contest are :
AmberChaudry Corpur, Stellar Moonwinder, Rina EdenFlower & Kandlekan
Winners will be announced on the 30th June!
Please, have fun, be creative and enjoy yourselves! We look forward to seeing your pics!

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