Inventory Mess # Lex # 2086

# Lex # 2086

  • Decor Junction / Shutter Field  DJ / SF Industrial Dresser Set –  by katelyn barom & heavenly villa The Crossroads
  • [Krescendo] [Kres] Get Stuffed – Lion  by krescendostore @ Gacha Garden
  • Trompe Loeil – Jenica Wicker Chair PG [mesh] by cory.edo
  • {what next} Lazy & Chill Framed Prints – Pink  by winter thorn
  • KITE – Daddy Time COMMON by zacharyarens (old gacha item)
  • Soy. Tissue – Opend [Pink] (old gift)  by soyoy
  • Sway’s  [Branch wrapped] candle by sway dench
  • PILOT – Lemonade Tray [mint] by kaz nayar

Author: Lexo

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