Inventory Mess # Lex # 2076

# Lex # 2076

From Her High Faireness: “It’s not a typo! The Fairelands will be open for shopping, hunting, exploring, picture taking, and spontaneous partying through May 4th! Spread the news, even though our planned programming is ending with a six hour closing party on Monday, May 1 from 1-7pm SLT, there is no reason to be sad because we have the Fairelands to roam around until THURSDAY!”

Sunday April 30th is the last full scheduled day full of events. On Monday Fantasy Faire will have a six-hour closing party of relaxed hanging out. After that there will be no organized events (although impromptu parties might sprout up), but the Fairelands stay open for visitors until Lindens take them back.

Silent Auction ends on Monday, 3 PM SLT:

Live Auction on Sunday, 2 – 4 PM SLT in Opal Flight:

  • Credits:
  • Hair: rezology Sky 201 (mesh hair) by selc
  • Head: CATWA  HEAD Lona by catwa.clip 
  • Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara by onyx leshelle
  • Skin: Plastik  :[P]:- Koie Skin (Femme):// RFL Hope by aikea.rieko @ Fantasy Faire
  • Eyes: .:Soul:. (GG) Deep SpaceCat Eyes – Deo Group Gift by lerochelle.destiny
  • Outfit: Entice – Light and Shade Outfit – Lavender by enticestore @ Fantasy Faire
  • Aura: !! [-AS-] Abstract Soul – Aesir’s Aura by methias.kira @ Fantasy Faire

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