# Lex # 1643

# Lex # 1643

[^.^Ayashi^.^] Katty hair-by ikira frimon  @Manga Fair 

7 Deadly s[K]ins  – LIBRA  cotton no CL SYSTEM by izara.zuta Black Dot

+Half-Deer+ Mewsical Headphones – Rainbow x by halogen.magic  @Manga Fair 

{.Honey.} ~ Chii Shape ~ by maggie0294 @Manga Fair 

.Shiro Tsuki.  .ST.  iScream Shirt Dress by princessusagi @Manga Fair 

.Shiro Tsuki. .ST. Crescent Chokers  by princessusagi @Manga Fair 

((LovelyAlien))Banana Purse – by seven paragorn @Manga Fair

EMPORIUM – Candy Socks Omega App by antonia millar @Manga Fair

EMPORIUM – Candy Boots by antonia millar @Manga Fair

!bang – stand 560M by luna.jubilee

.::More info on Basics tab::. 

Place: Izzie´s


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