Inventory Mess # Mili & Lex # 2

Ah Lelek Lek Lek

Se ela pode, a gente também “podche, benhê”!

 Lexo veste:

Shirt: Blueberry Tyr *Mesh* Knotted T-Shirt White

Shorts: – [F]uchon – Spring Mesh Shorts Blue (I don’t know if still avaiable)

Lipstick: Izzie’s – Truth District Exclusive Gift (Ginevra Lipstick) old gift

Ambas vestem: 

Microphone: -RC- Popstar Singing Microphone (not available)

Ankle Boots: Part of.::Vivid::. Survival Crew Outfit [FEMALE] LENNON PARK MASSACRE HUNT – MADPEA

Hair: Analog Dog Hair – just sayin’ – ARCADE GACHA EVENT

Mili usa:

Shorts: erratic / jessy – studded shorts / blue2

Tee: Tee*fy Basic Knot T-Shirt White


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